Preserving Our Past and
Planting for the Future

ANTA is dedicated to preserving the indigenous trees
and plants in Atascadero and the surrounding areas.
Join us and help preserve our natural resources.

More About Us
Photo: Atascadero Forest - by Gary Eckhardt

A Greener Tomorrow

We’ve made a lot of progress toward preserving our local trees but we can always use more help both financially and from new volunteers. Contact us if you would like to learn more about becoming an ANTA volunteer.

Get Involved:

  • Monthly meeting: 2nd Mondays at 5:00pm at the Ranger House next to the horseshoe ring. (map)
  • Events - Day of the Oak 1st or 2nd Saturday in November
  • Visit our projects page to see current volunteer opportunities, or Contact us to help volunteer.
  • Support us with a donation.
  • Link to us and spread the word.