About ANTA

The Atascadero Native Tree Association (ANTA) is a community based volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation of Atascadero’s native trees. Members organize and participate in a variety of programs and activities designed to teach the values of trees in our environment and help us appreciate and protect our urban forest resources.

In addition to our tree planting projects and participating in Atascadero’s oak seedlings give away ANTA has taken part in the production of the annual Woodlands and Watersheds Calendar that is distributed by the Atascadero Mutual Water Company.

For many years ANTA has given scholarships to Atascadero High School graduating seniors who plan majors in a field relating to our environment.

Join us to become a more effective voice in the preservation and regeneration of our urban forest.

Get Involved:

  • Monthly meeting: 2nd Mondays at 5:00pm at the Ranger House next to the horseshoe ring. (map)
  • Events - Day of the Oak 1st or 2nd Saturday in November
  • Visit our projects page to see current volunteer opportunities, or Contact us to help volunteer.
  • Support us with a donation.
  • Link to us and spread the word.